Events in Abu Dhabi

Cocktail of the Day AED 20NocheSundayAugust 20th
Sushi SocialBarfly by Buddha BarSundayAugust 20th
L'ApericenaSacciSundayAugust 20th
UnwindRetreatSundayAugust 20th
Ladies at Crowne SundayAugust 20th
Sundays: Hoteliers & Crew Night with DJ TamerTwelveSundayAugust 20th
Bring It All BackIris Yas IslandSundayAugust 20th
Extraordinary ComboSheratonSundayAugust 20th
5 Super Happy HoursThe TavernSundayAugust 20th
AperitivoLa MammaSundayAugust 20th
All You Can Eat Tapas & Sangria SundayAugust 20th
Happy HourNRGSundayAugust 20th
Happy HourCaptain's ArmsSundayAugust 20th
Happy Hour 12 to 12NocheSundayAugust 20th
Steal a Meal DealBeach RotanaSundayAugust 20th
Happy HourAppaloosaSundayAugust 20th
Splash Happy HourSplash Pool BarSundayAugust 20th
Hospitality & Cabin Crew NightJazz Bar & DiningSundayAugust 20th
Catch a sushi DragonAloft!SundayAugust 20th
2 for 1 MargaritasEl SombreroSundayAugust 20th
El Cubanito HourAsia de CubaSundayAugust 20th
Industry SundaysBu!SundayAugust 20th
Extra HoursBU!SundayAugust 20th
Soleil VistaBarfly by Buddha BarSundayAugust 20th
Teachers' DiscountSheratonSundayAugust 20th
Teachers' DiscountLe MeridienSundayAugust 20th
'THE MONEY FIGHT' Mayweather vs McGregor live SundayAugust 20th
Premier LeagueBlu SkySundayAugust 20th
Velocity Grape Night MondayAugust 21st
Quiz Nights'Cooper'sMondayAugust 21st
Cocktail of the Day AED 20NocheMondayAugust 21st
L'ApericenaSacciMondayAugust 21st
UnwindRetreatMondayAugust 21st
5 Super Happy HoursThe TavernMondayAugust 21st
Extraordinary ComboSheratonMondayAugust 21st
AperitivoLa MammaMondayAugust 21st
Happy HourNRGMondayAugust 21st
Ladies NightNRGMondayAugust 21st
Happy Hour 12 to 12NocheMondayAugust 21st
Happy HourCaptain's ArmsMondayAugust 21st
Steal a Meal DealBeach RotanaMondayAugust 21st
Happy HourAppaloosaMondayAugust 21st
Splash Happy HourSplash Pool BarMondayAugust 21st
Catch a sushi DragonAloft!MondayAugust 21st
Ladies’ NightJazz Bar & DiningMondayAugust 21st
El Cubanito HourAsia de CubaMondayAugust 21st
HOLA CH!CAS – Ladies NightBu!MondayAugust 21st
Extra HoursBU!MondayAugust 21st
Teachers' DiscountSheratonMondayAugust 21st
Soleil VistaBarfly by Buddha BarMondayAugust 21st
Teachers' DiscountLe MeridienMondayAugust 21st
'THE MONEY FIGHT' Mayweather vs McGregor live MondayAugust 21st
Premier LeagueBlu SkyMondayAugust 21st
EMPRESSEmpireMondayAugust 21st
At Night We Play Ladies Night TuesdayAugust 22nd
Cocktail of the Day AED 20NocheTuesdayAugust 22nd
L'ApericenaSacciTuesdayAugust 22nd
UnwindRetreatTuesdayAugust 22nd
Extraordinary ComboSheratonTuesdayAugust 22nd
5 Super Happy HoursThe TavernTuesdayAugust 22nd
AperitivoLa MammaTuesdayAugust 22nd
Happy HourNRGTuesdayAugust 22nd
Happy HourCaptain's ArmsTuesdayAugust 22nd
Happy Hour 12 to 12NocheTuesdayAugust 22nd
Steal a Meal DealBeach RotanaTuesdayAugust 22nd
Happy HourAppaloosaTuesdayAugust 22nd
Splash Happy HourSplash Pool BarTuesdayAugust 22nd
Teachers' TuesdayJazz Bar & DiningTuesdayAugust 22nd
Catch a sushi DragonAloft!TuesdayAugust 22nd
Quiz NightBlu SkyTuesdayAugust 22nd
El Cubanito HourAsia de CubaTuesdayAugust 22nd
Extra HoursBU!TuesdayAugust 22nd
Loca NocheBarflyTuesdayAugust 22nd
Soleil VistaBarfly by Buddha BarTuesdayAugust 22nd
Teachers' DiscountSheratonTuesdayAugust 22nd
Teachers' DiscountLe MeridienTuesdayAugust 22nd
'THE MONEY FIGHT' Mayweather vs McGregor live TuesdayAugust 22nd
Sweet Dreams Fantasy Ladies NightHysteria ClubTuesdayAugust 22nd
Premier LeagueBlu SkyTuesdayAugust 22nd
Hayakom Arabic NightEmpireTuesdayAugust 22nd
Cocktail of the Day AED 20NocheWednesdayAugust 23rd
AphroditeBarfly by Buddha BarWednesdayAugust 23rd
La Hora FelizLemon & LimeWednesdayAugust 23rd
L'ApericenaSacciWednesdayAugust 23rd
UnwindRetreatWednesdayAugust 23rd
Street Food FestivalFairwaysWednesdayAugust 23rd
Ladies Loving Iris Yas Island! WednesdayAugust 23rd
5 Super Happy HoursThe TavernWednesdayAugust 23rd
All About LadiesThe TavernWednesdayAugust 23rd
Extraordinary ComboSheratonWednesdayAugust 23rd
AperitivoLa MammaWednesdayAugust 23rd
Happy HourNRGWednesdayAugust 23rd
Steal a Meal DealBeach RotanaWednesdayAugust 23rd
Happy HourCaptain's ArmsWednesdayAugust 23rd
Happy Hour 12 to 12NocheWednesdayAugust 23rd
Happy HourAppaloosaWednesdayAugust 23rd
Splash Happy HourSplash Pool BarWednesdayAugust 23rd
Heels, Bites & CocktailsVelocityWednesdayAugust 23rd
Ladies’ NightJazz Bar & DiningWednesdayAugust 23rd
Catch a sushi DragonAloft!WednesdayAugust 23rd

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