Events in Abu Dhabi

Happy HourVelocitySaturdayJanuary 20th
Ladies at Crowne SaturdayJanuary 20th
Ladies NightHeroesSaturdayJanuary 20th
Happy HourHarvestersSaturdayJanuary 20th
Happy HoursHeroesSaturdayJanuary 20th
Happy HoursCrowne PlazaSaturdayJanuary 20th
Daily happy hoursCooper'sSaturdayJanuary 20th
The Breakfast Club at BU! SaturdayJanuary 20th
Extra HoursBU!SaturdayJanuary 20th
High Heels Night OutRay's BarSaturdayJanuary 20th
Happy HourRay's BarSaturdayJanuary 20th
TRIPLE HAPPY HOURSBelgian Cafe YASSaturdayJanuary 20th
Chamas Evening Hour SaturdayJanuary 20th
Ideal Hubbly Bubbly times by the pool SaturdayJanuary 20th
The Pub Experience SaturdayJanuary 20th
Saturday RoastLe MeridienSaturdayJanuary 20th
Happy HourCaptain’s ArmsSaturdayJanuary 20th
Brew of the WeekNRGSaturdayJanuary 20th
Brew of the WeekCaptain's ArmsSaturdayJanuary 20th
All You Can Eat PizzaLe MeridienSaturdayJanuary 20th
Happy HourB lounge (1)SaturdayJanuary 20th
Froy’s Specials – Gorditas of The DaySheratonSaturdayJanuary 20th
Happy HourB loungeSaturdayJanuary 20th
Urban SaturdaysCatchSaturdayJanuary 20th
Aperitivo SunsetsFILINISaturdayJanuary 20th
SATURDAY ROASTBelgian Cafe YasSaturdayJanuary 20th
BrunchBlue Marlin Ibiza UAESaturdayJanuary 20th
Happy HourCho GaoSaturdayJanuary 20th
Happy HourSpaccanapoliSaturdayJanuary 20th
Winter PromotionHarvestersSaturdayJanuary 20th
Soleil VistaBarfly by Buddha BarSaturdayJanuary 20th
Casino ChipsHeroesSaturdayJanuary 20th
Glorious SundownersStratosSundayJanuary 21st
Hospitality & Cabin Crew NightJazz Bar & DiningSundayJanuary 21st
Happy HourVelocitySundayJanuary 21st
Bring It All BackIris Yas IslandSundayJanuary 21st
Happy HourHarvestersSundayJanuary 21st
HOSPITALITY NIGHTHeroesSundayJanuary 21st
HOSPITALITY NIGHTCho GaoSundayJanuary 21st
Happy HoursHeroesSundayJanuary 21st
Happy HoursCrowne PlazaSundayJanuary 21st
Sundays: Hoteliers & Crew Night with DJ TamerTwelveSundayJanuary 21st
Catch a sushi DragonAloft!SundayJanuary 21st
Daily happy hoursCooper'sSundayJanuary 21st
Sushi SocialBarfly by Buddha BarSundayJanuary 21st
Teachers' DiscountSheratonSundayJanuary 21st
2 for 1 MargaritasEl SombreroSundayJanuary 21st
Industry SundaysBu!SundayJanuary 21st
All You Can Eat Tapas & Sangria SundayJanuary 21st
Extra HoursBU!SundayJanuary 21st
Latin SundaysAmerigosSundayJanuary 21st
Happy HourRay's BarSundayJanuary 21st
L’ APERICENASacciSundayJanuary 21st
TRIPLE HAPPY HOURSBelgian Cafe YASSundayJanuary 21st
UNWIND HOURWestinSundayJanuary 21st
Generation XCho Gao Marina WalkSundayJanuary 21st
Chamas Evening Hour SundayJanuary 21st
Ideal Hubbly Bubbly times by the pool SundayJanuary 21st
Happier SundaysBelgian CaféSundayJanuary 21st
Sunday Supper ClubRay's BarSundayJanuary 21st
Teachers’ DiscountLe Meridien Abu DhabiSundayJanuary 21st
The Pub Experience SundayJanuary 21st
Happy HourCaptain’s ArmsSundayJanuary 21st
Brew of the WeekNRGSundayJanuary 21st
Brew of the WeekCaptain's ArmsSundayJanuary 21st
Happy HourNRGSundayJanuary 21st
Bites & PintsNRG Sports Bar (1)SundayJanuary 21st
All You Can Eat PizzaLe MeridienSundayJanuary 21st
Froy’s Specials – Gorditas of The DaySheratonSundayJanuary 21st
Happy HourB lounge (1)SundayJanuary 21st
Happy HourB loungeSundayJanuary 21st
SIN SundayCatchSundayJanuary 21st
Aperitivo SunsetsFILINISundayJanuary 21st
Bites & PintsNRG Sports BarSundayJanuary 21st
Happy HourCho GaoSundayJanuary 21st
HOSPITALITY NIGHTCrowne PlazaSundayJanuary 21st
Happy HourSpaccanapoliSundayJanuary 21st
Winter PromotionHarvestersSundayJanuary 21st
Soleil VistaBarfly by Buddha BarSundayJanuary 21st
Casino ChipsHeroesSundayJanuary 21st
Glorious SundownersStratosMondayJanuary 22nd
Ladies’ NightJazz Bar & DiningMondayJanuary 22nd
Velocity Grape Night MondayJanuary 22nd
Happy HourVelocityMondayJanuary 22nd
Happy HourHarvestersMondayJanuary 22nd
Heroes Quiz Challenge MondayJanuary 22nd
Happy HoursHeroesMondayJanuary 22nd
Happy HoursCrowne PlazaMondayJanuary 22nd
Ladies NightPortersMondayJanuary 22nd
Catch a sushi DragonAloft!MondayJanuary 22nd
Ladies NightsCooper'sMondayJanuary 22nd
Monday Quiz NightCooper'sMondayJanuary 22nd
Teachers' DiscountSheratonMondayJanuary 22nd
Daily happy hoursCooper'sMondayJanuary 22nd
All You Can Eat Tapas & Sangria MondayJanuary 22nd
Barfly Crew Night MondayJanuary 22nd

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