Events in Abu Dhabi

Taco TuesdayStars 'N' BarsTuesdayJuly 7th
Breeze Ladies NightAquariumTuesdayJuly 7th
Happy HoursOrninaTuesdayJuly 7th
Promo HoursAquariumTuesdayJuly 7th
Happy HourWaves Bar & Outdoor LoungeTuesdayJuly 7th
Happy HourThe RetreatTuesdayJuly 7th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The WarehouseTuesdayJuly 7th
Happy HourAppaloosa Sports BarTuesdayJuly 7th
L’ApericenaSacciTuesdayJuly 7th
Afternoon TeaThe LoungeTuesdayJuly 7th
Happy HourLemon & LimeTuesdayJuly 7th
Taste True Napoli PizzaSacciTuesdayJuly 7th
Paella NightAquarium YasWednesdayJuly 8th
Hola CubaPacifico Tiki Lounge & DiningWednesdayJuly 8th
Happy HoursOrninaWednesdayJuly 8th
Promo HoursAquariumWednesdayJuly 8th
Happy HourWaves Bar & Outdoor LoungeWednesdayJuly 8th
Happy HourThe RetreatWednesdayJuly 8th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The WarehouseWednesdayJuly 8th
Happy HourAppaloosa Sports BarWednesdayJuly 8th
Ladies NightMarco'sWednesdayJuly 8th
L’ApericenaSacciWednesdayJuly 8th
Afternoon TeaThe LoungeWednesdayJuly 8th
Happy HourLemon & LimeWednesdayJuly 8th
Taste True Napoli PizzaSacciWednesdayJuly 8th
Happy HoursOrninaThursdayJuly 9th
Promo HoursAquariumThursdayJuly 9th
Happy HourWaves Bar & Outdoor LoungeThursdayJuly 9th
Seafood NightAnantara Eastern MangrovesThursdayJuly 9th
Happy HourThe RetreatThursdayJuly 9th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The WarehouseThursdayJuly 9th
Happy HourAppaloosa Sports BarThursdayJuly 9th
L’ApericenaSacciThursdayJuly 9th
Afternoon TeaThe LoungeThursdayJuly 9th
Happy HourLemon & LimeThursdayJuly 9th
Taste True Napoli PizzaSacciThursdayJuly 9th
Anti-Vegetarian BrunchBOAThursdayJuly 9th
BrunchCOYAFridayJuly 10th
Weekend BrunchAnantara Eastern MangrovesFridayJuly 10th
Happy HourWaves Bar & Outdoor LoungeFridayJuly 10th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The WarehouseFridayJuly 10th
Friday BrunchSaadiyat Beach ClubFridayJuly 10th
Weekend BrunchDino’s Bistro ItalianoFridayJuly 10th
Happy HourAppaloosa Sports BarFridayJuly 10th
L’ApericenaSacciFridayJuly 10th
Afternoon TeaThe LoungeFridayJuly 10th
Happy HourLemon & LimeFridayJuly 10th
Taste True Napoli PizzaSacciFridayJuly 10th
Day and Night BrunchBuddha-Bar BeachFridayJuly 10th
Nautic & NiceAquarium Seafood Yas MarinaSaturdayJuly 11th
Weekend BrunchAnantara Eastern MangrovesSaturdayJuly 11th
Happy HourWaves Bar & Outdoor LoungeSaturdayJuly 11th
Happy HourThe RetreatSaturdayJuly 11th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The WarehouseSaturdayJuly 11th
Weekend BrunchDino’s Bistro ItalianoSaturdayJuly 11th
Happy HourAppaloosa Sports BarSaturdayJuly 11th
L’ApericenaSacciSaturdayJuly 11th
Afternoon TeaThe LoungeSaturdayJuly 11th
Happy HourLemon & LimeSaturdayJuly 11th
Taste True Napoli PizzaSacciSaturdayJuly 11th
Sushi SundaysAquariumSundayJuly 12th
Happy HoursOrninaSundayJuly 12th
Promo HoursAquariumSundayJuly 12th
Happy HourWaves Bar & Outdoor LoungeSundayJuly 12th
Happy HourThe RetreatSundayJuly 12th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The WarehouseSundayJuly 12th
Happy HourAppaloosa Sports BarSundayJuly 12th
Afternoon TeaThe LoungeSundayJuly 12th
Happy HourLemon & LimeSundayJuly 12th
Sommelier MondayCOYA Abu DhabiMondayJuly 13th
Ladies NightPacifico Tiki Lounge & DiningMondayJuly 13th
Happy HourThe RetreatMondayJuly 13th
Promo HoursAquariumMondayJuly 13th
Happy HourWaves Bar & Outdoor LoungeMondayJuly 13th
Monday MandayWaves Bar & Outdoor LoungeMondayJuly 13th
Happy HoursOrninaMondayJuly 13th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The WarehouseMondayJuly 13th
Happy HourAppaloosa Sports BarMondayJuly 13th
Unlimited ProseccoMarco'sMondayJuly 13th
L’ApericenaSacciMondayJuly 13th
Afternoon TeaThe LoungeMondayJuly 13th
Happy HourLemon & LimeMondayJuly 13th
Taste True Napoli PizzaSacciMondayJuly 13th
Breeze Ladies NightAquariumTuesdayJuly 14th
Taco TuesdayStars 'N' BarsTuesdayJuly 14th
Happy HoursOrninaTuesdayJuly 14th
Promo HoursAquariumTuesdayJuly 14th
Happy HourWaves Bar & Outdoor LoungeTuesdayJuly 14th
Happy HourThe RetreatTuesdayJuly 14th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The WarehouseTuesdayJuly 14th
Happy HourAppaloosa Sports BarTuesdayJuly 14th
L’ApericenaSacciTuesdayJuly 14th
Afternoon TeaThe LoungeTuesdayJuly 14th
Happy HourLemon & LimeTuesdayJuly 14th
Taste True Napoli PizzaSacciTuesdayJuly 14th
Paella NightAquarium YasWednesdayJuly 15th
Hola CubaPacifico Tiki Lounge & DiningWednesdayJuly 15th
Happy HoursOrninaWednesdayJuly 15th
Happy HourWaves Bar & Outdoor LoungeWednesdayJuly 15th
Promo HoursAquariumWednesdayJuly 15th

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