Events in Abu Dhabi

Happy HourCho GaoSundayMarch 18th
HOSPITALITY NIGHTCrowne PlazaSundayMarch 18th
Happy HourSpaccanapoliSundayMarch 18th
Winter PromotionHarvestersSundayMarch 18th
Casino ChipsHeroesSundayMarch 18th
Daily happy hoursCooper'sSundayMarch 18th
Cooper's Ladies Nights SundayMarch 18th
'It's Never too Late' Happy HourBentleySundayMarch 18th
Happy HourBentley KitchenSundayMarch 18th
Happy HourVelocitySundayMarch 18th
Hospitality & Cabin Crew NightJazz Bar & DiningSundayMarch 18th
PIZZA AND MORETTIWestinSundayMarch 18th
UNWIND HOURWestinSundayMarch 18th
Generation XCho Gao Marina WalkSundayMarch 18th
Happier SundaysBelgian CaféSundayMarch 18th
Chamas Evening Hour SundayMarch 18th
Happy HourRay's BarSundayMarch 18th
Ideal Hubbly Bubbly times by the pool SundayMarch 18th
Sunday Supper ClubRay's BarSundayMarch 18th
SIN SundayCatchSundayMarch 18th
Happy HourSho ChoSundayMarch 18th
Ideal Hubbly Bubbly times by the poolSundayMarch 18th
Steal a Meal Deal SundayMarch 18th
Happy HourPacifico TikiSundayMarch 18th
Irish Hop FestHemingway'sSundayMarch 18th
Happy hourAquariumSundayMarch 18th
Hoteliers’ DiscountThe VillageSundayMarch 18th
Teachers' DiscountLe Meridien Abu DhabiSundayMarch 18th
The Pub Experience SundayMarch 18th
Happy HourCaptain’s ArmsSundayMarch 18th
Brew of the WeekCaptain's ArmsSundayMarch 18th
Happy HourNRGSundayMarch 18th
Bites & PintsNRG Sports BarSundayMarch 18th
Brew of the WeekNRGSundayMarch 18th
All You Can Eat PizzaLe MeridienSundayMarch 18th
Teachers' DiscountSheratonSundayMarch 18th
Happy HourB loungeSundayMarch 18th
Brew of the WeekThe TavernSundayMarch 18th
L’ APERICENASacciSundayMarch 18th
Heroes Quiz Challenge MondayMarch 19th
Happy HourCho GaoMondayMarch 19th
Happy HourSpaccanapoliMondayMarch 19th
Winter PromotionHarvestersMondayMarch 19th
Casino ChipsHeroesMondayMarch 19th
Cabin Crew NightMcGettigan’sMondayMarch 19th
BUalicious Ladies NightBU! (1)MondayMarch 19th
Velocity Grape Night MondayMarch 19th
Daily happy hoursCooper'sMondayMarch 19th
Cooper's Ladies Nights MondayMarch 19th
'It's Never too Late' Happy HourBentleyMondayMarch 19th
Happy HourBentley KitchenMondayMarch 19th
Happy HourVelocityMondayMarch 19th
Ladies’ NightJazz Bar & DiningMondayMarch 19th
PIZZA AND MORETTIWestinMondayMarch 19th
UNWIND HOURWestinMondayMarch 19th
Chamas Evening Hour MondayMarch 19th
Happy HourRay's BarMondayMarch 19th
Ideal Hubbly Bubbly times by the pool MondayMarch 19th
Chill Out MondaysCatchMondayMarch 19th
Mixology MondaysSho ChoMondayMarch 19th
Happy HourSho ChoMondayMarch 19th
Ideal Hubbly Bubbly times by the poolMondayMarch 19th
Steal a Meal Deal MondayMarch 19th
Monday Ladies Night MondayMarch 19th
Happy HourPacifico TikiMondayMarch 19th
Mean Monday Ladies NightEmpireMondayMarch 19th
Irish Hop FestHemingway'sMondayMarch 19th
Happy hourAquariumMondayMarch 19th
Hoteliers’ DiscountThe VillageMondayMarch 19th
Teachers' DiscountLe Meridien Abu DhabiMondayMarch 19th
The Pub Experience MondayMarch 19th
Happy HourCaptain’s ArmsMondayMarch 19th
Brew of the WeekCaptain's ArmsMondayMarch 19th
Happy HourNRGMondayMarch 19th
Bites & PintsNRG Sports BarMondayMarch 19th
Brew of the WeekNRGMondayMarch 19th
All You Can Eat PizzaLe MeridienMondayMarch 19th
Teachers' DiscountSheratonMondayMarch 19th
Happy HourB loungeMondayMarch 19th
Brew of the WeekThe TavernMondayMarch 19th
L’ APERICENASacciMondayMarch 19th
Happy HourCho GaoTuesdayMarch 20th
Happy HourSpaccanapoliTuesdayMarch 20th
Winter PromotionHarvestersTuesdayMarch 20th
Casino ChipsHeroesTuesdayMarch 20th
At Night We Play Ladies Night TuesdayMarch 20th
Daily happy hoursCooper'sTuesdayMarch 20th
Cooper's Ladies Nights TuesdayMarch 20th
'It's Never too Late' Happy HourBentleyTuesdayMarch 20th
Happy HourBentley KitchenTuesdayMarch 20th
Happy HourVelocityTuesdayMarch 20th
Ladies Night with Lucy StoneB-LoungeTuesdayMarch 20th
Teachers' TuesdayJazz Bar & DiningTuesdayMarch 20th
PIZZA AND MORETTIWestinTuesdayMarch 20th
UNWIND HOURWestinTuesdayMarch 20th
No Men TuesdayWestinTuesdayMarch 20th
Creamy Mussels with Live MusicBelgian CafeTuesdayMarch 20th
Ladies NightCho Gao - Marina WalkTuesdayMarch 20th

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