Events in Abu Dhabi

Premier LeagueBlu SkyWednesdayOctober 18th
Girls Just Wanna Have FunBelgian CaféWednesdayOctober 18th
Happy HourRay's BarWednesdayOctober 18th
Ladies’ NightJazz Bar & DiningWednesdayOctober 18th
Chamas Evening HourChamasWednesdayOctober 18th
Ladies nightTwelveWednesdayOctober 18th
Happy HourBelgian CaféWednesdayOctober 18th
Mojito Wednesdays WednesdayOctober 18th
Quiz NightHarvester'sWednesdayOctober 18th
Happy HourHarvestersWednesdayOctober 18th
OktoberfestHeroesWednesdayOctober 18th
Ideal Hubbly Bubbly times by the pool WednesdayOctober 18th
L'ApericenaSacciWednesdayOctober 18th
UnwindRetreatWednesdayOctober 18th
Street Food FestivalFairways (2)WednesdayOctober 18th
Glorious SundownersStratosWednesdayOctober 18th
WhiskyologyStratosWednesdayOctober 18th
The October LocaFest WednesdayOctober 18th
Win a trip to Prague! WednesdayOctober 18th
Happy HoursHeroesWednesdayOctober 18th
Happy HoursCrowne PlazaWednesdayOctober 18th
Extra HoursBU!WednesdayOctober 18th
Noche De SalsaBUWednesdayOctober 18th
Catch a sushi DragonAloft!WednesdayOctober 18th
All About LadiesThe TavernWednesdayOctober 18th
Teachers' DiscountLe MeridienWednesdayOctober 18th
Happy HourCaptain’s ArmsWednesdayOctober 18th
Happy HourNRGWednesdayOctober 18th
AphroditeBarfly by Buddha BarWednesdayOctober 18th
Premier LeagueBlu SkyThursdayOctober 19th
Happy HourRay's BarThursdayOctober 19th
Journey through House at HIGH RISE ThursdayOctober 19th
Paired to PerfectionCho Gao Marina WalkThursdayOctober 19th
OktoberfestBelgian CaféThursdayOctober 19th
Thursday After HoursVelocityThursdayOctober 19th
Happy HourBelgian CaféThursdayOctober 19th
Oktoberfest at SheratonThursdayOctober 19th
MAD ThursdaysMAD Yas IslandThursdayOctober 19th
Journey through House at HIGH RISEThursdayOctober 19th
Happy HourHarvestersThursdayOctober 19th
OktoberfestHeroesThursdayOctober 19th
Ideal Hubbly Bubbly times by the pool ThursdayOctober 19th
Brew on The GrassThe WestinThursdayOctober 19th
L'ApericenaSacciThursdayOctober 19th
UnwindRetreatThursdayOctober 19th
Glorious SundownersStratosThursdayOctober 19th
WhiskyologyStratosThursdayOctober 19th
Kuzbara BBQ & HOPS ThursdayOctober 19th
The October LocaFest ThursdayOctober 19th
Win a trip to Prague! ThursdayOctober 19th
Happy HoursHeroesThursdayOctober 19th
Happy HoursCrowne PlazaThursdayOctober 19th
FishtorySaadiyat Beach ClubThursdayOctober 19th
Drop The BeatsBlu SkyThursdayOctober 19th
Extra HoursBU!ThursdayOctober 19th
Lunar Street EatsBU!ThursdayOctober 19th
Bite the BBQ - Eat out Loud! ThursdayOctober 19th
Catch a sushi DragonAloft!ThursdayOctober 19th
Boogie Box w/ Appleblim + Tristan GiraultThursdayOctober 19th
Tapas del MarBravoThursdayOctober 19th
Happy HourCaptain’s ArmsThursdayOctober 19th
Happy HourNRGThursdayOctober 19th
Soleil VistaBarfly by Buddha BarThursdayOctober 19th
ATTIC Supper ClubBarfly by Buddha BarThursdayOctober 19th
Premier LeagueBlu SkyFridayOctober 20th
FUNCH Brunch & Afterparty FridayOctober 20th
Funk JunktionRay's BarFridayOctober 20th
Brazilian BrunchChamasFridayOctober 20th
OktoberfestBelgian CaféFridayOctober 20th
A Pan-Asian Odyssey FridayOctober 20th
URBN FridaysMADFridayOctober 20th
Happy HourRay's BarFridayOctober 20th
FUNCH Brunch & Afterparty FridayOctober 20th
Pool Picnic BrunchPJsFridayOctober 20th
Oktoberfest at Sheraton FridayOctober 20th
Happy HourHarvestersFridayOctober 20th
FAB Friday After BrunchHeroesFridayOctober 20th
OktoberfestHeroesFridayOctober 20th
EAT.PLAY.LAUGH. BrunchMarriottFridayOctober 20th
BubbaliciousFairwaysFridayOctober 20th
Ideal Hubbly Bubbly times by the pool FridayOctober 20th
Glorious SundownersStratosFridayOctober 20th
WhiskyologyStratosFridayOctober 20th
The October LocaFest FridayOctober 20th
Win a trip to Prague! FridayOctober 20th
Happy HoursHeroesFridayOctober 20th
Happy HoursCrowne PlazaFridayOctober 20th
Rock Under The Stars FridayOctober 20th
AQUNCHSaadiyat Beach ClubFridayOctober 20th
Irish HOPS festMAI CafeFridayOctober 20th
Extra HoursBU!FridayOctober 20th
BUrnch!, Friday BrunchBu!FridayOctober 20th
LotionAloftFridayOctober 20th
Fizzy BrunchFlavoursFridayOctober 20th
Turn Up The HeatEl SombreroFridayOctober 20th
Fri-yayMcGettigan’sFridayOctober 20th
All You Can Eat Tapas & Sangria FridayOctober 20th

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