Events in Abu Dhabi

Teacher’s FiestaVictor'sSundayDecember 15th
Premier LeagueBlu SkySundayDecember 15th
Premier LeagueStars N BarsSundayDecember 15th
Worker’s DayVictor'sSundayDecember 15th
Happy HourVictor'sSundayDecember 15th
Sushi & Seafood SundayAquariumSundayDecember 15th
SIN SundaysStars N BarsSundayDecember 15th
Happy HourBlu SkySundayDecember 15th
Splash Happy HourMarriott Hotel Al ForsanSundayDecember 15th
Holiday SeasonRobertos Abu DhabiSundayDecember 15th
Hospitality NightVelocitySundayDecember 15th
After Work SocialJW SteakhouseSundayDecember 15th
The Spitfire DuoVelocitySundayDecember 15th
Happy HourVelocitySundayDecember 15th
Early Bird OfferJW SteakhouseSundayDecember 15th
Liquid LunchLe Royal MeridienSundayDecember 15th
Grapes AT25 SundayDecember 15th
Big District LunchDistrict by AmalfiSundayDecember 15th
Happy HourPJsSundayDecember 15th
Weekend RoastStars N BarsSundayDecember 15th
Taste of Market SundayDecember 15th
Rad GalsDistrict by AmalfiSundayDecember 15th
Love in MotionStratosSundayDecember 15th
Gin O’ClockMarket KitchenSundayDecember 15th
Got Carbs?Le Royal MeridienSundayDecember 15th
Pitcher PairingMarket KitchenSundayDecember 15th
Glorious SundownersSTRATOSSundayDecember 15th
Book ClubLibrary BarSundayDecember 15th
Cabana BrunchAlba TerraceSundayDecember 15th
Ladies RuleLe Royal Meridien Abu DhabiSundayDecember 15th
Smashing SpecialsThe WarehouseSundayDecember 15th
Happy HourRay's BarSundayDecember 15th
YUUHI- Sunset VibesBuddha-Bar Beach Abu DhabiSundayDecember 15th
24 Days of ChristmasVelocitySundayDecember 15th
Happy Hour OffersThe WarehouseSundayDecember 15th
Gin & TonicSontayaSundayDecember 15th
Mediterranean NightOléaSundayDecember 15th
Happy HourThe Manhattan LoungeSundayDecember 15th
Cocktail Of The MonthThe Manhattan LoungeSundayDecember 15th
Special DealSontaya BarSundayDecember 15th
Seafood SpaghettiPool & BeachSundayDecember 15th
Festive Afternoon TeaThe Drawing RoomSundayDecember 15th
Happy HourBelgian CaféSundayDecember 15th
Happy HourCho Gao Marina WalkSundayDecember 15th
Happy HourChamasSundayDecember 15th
Sunset TreatCOYASundayDecember 15th
Flatbread & GrapesTodd English's OliveSundayDecember 15th
Airline SessionsBarflySundayDecember 15th
Happy HourCooper'sSundayDecember 15th
Bling Ladies NightCooper’sSundayDecember 15th
Festive Themed Tapas & DrinksThe WarehouseSundayDecember 15th
Liquid 50%The GrilleMondayDecember 16th
Gentlemen's NightVictor'sMondayDecember 16th
Happy HourVictor'sMondayDecember 16th
Quizaholics AnonymousStars N BarsMondayDecember 16th
After Work SocialJW SteakhouseMondayDecember 16th
Teacher’s FiestaVictor'sMondayDecember 16th
Splash Happy HourMarriott Hotel Al ForsanMondayDecember 16th
Holiday SeasonRobertos Abu DhabiMondayDecember 16th
Happy HourBlu SkyMondayDecember 16th
Liquid LunchLe Royal MeridienMondayDecember 16th
Queen Ladies NightCatchMondayDecember 16th
Salsa Night AT 25 MondayDecember 16th
Early Bird OfferJW SteakhouseMondayDecember 16th
Grapes AT25 MondayDecember 16th
Gin O’ClockMarket KitchenMondayDecember 16th
Happy HourVelocityMondayDecember 16th
Got Carbs?Le Royal MeridienMondayDecember 16th
XOXO Ladies NightMarket KitchenMondayDecember 16th
Happy HourPJsMondayDecember 16th
Cabana BrunchAlba TerraceMondayDecember 16th
Big District LunchDistrict by AmalfiMondayDecember 16th
Pitcher PairingMarket KitchenMondayDecember 16th
Love in MotionStratosMondayDecember 16th
Ladies NightThe WarehouseMondayDecember 16th
Ladies RuleLe Royal Meridien Abu DhabiMondayDecember 16th
Glorious SundownersSTRATOSMondayDecember 16th
Happy Hour OffersThe WarehouseMondayDecember 16th
Book ClubLibrary BarMondayDecember 16th
Gin & TonicSontayaMondayDecember 16th
Happy HourRay's BarMondayDecember 16th
The Mood Up Sun DownThe LoungeMondayDecember 16th
Special DealSontaya BarMondayDecember 16th
Smashing SpecialsThe WarehouseMondayDecember 16th
YUUHI- Sunset VibesBuddha-Bar Beach Abu DhabiMondayDecember 16th
Festive Afternoon TeaThe Drawing RoomMondayDecember 16th
Cocktail Of The MonthThe Manhattan LoungeMondayDecember 16th
24 Days of ChristmasVelocityMondayDecember 16th
Seafood SpaghettiPool & BeachMondayDecember 16th
Happy HourThe Manhattan LoungeMondayDecember 16th
Happy HourCho Gao Marina WalkMondayDecember 16th
Happy HourChamasMondayDecember 16th
Happy HourBelgian CaféMondayDecember 16th
Sommelier MondaysCOYA (2)MondayDecember 16th
Sunset TreatCOYAMondayDecember 16th
Flatbread & GrapesTodd English's OliveMondayDecember 16th
Sushi SocialBarfly by Buddha BarMondayDecember 16th
Airline SessionsBarflyMondayDecember 16th
Pink Ladies NightCooper’sMondayDecember 16th
Quiz NightCooper’sMondayDecember 16th

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