Events in Abu Dhabi

Happy HourRay's BarSaturdayFebruary 17th
TRIPLE HAPPY HOURSBelgian Cafe YASSaturdayFebruary 17th
High Heels Night OutRay's BarSaturdayFebruary 17th
Ideal Hubbly Bubbly times by the pool SaturdayFebruary 17th
The Pub Experience SaturdayFebruary 17th
Happy HourCaptain’s ArmsSaturdayFebruary 17th
Brew of the WeekNRGSaturdayFebruary 17th
Saturday RoastLe MeridienSaturdayFebruary 17th
Brew of the WeekCaptain's ArmsSaturdayFebruary 17th
Happy HourNRGSaturdayFebruary 17th
Happy HourB loungeSaturdayFebruary 17th
Aperitivo SunsetsFILINISaturdayFebruary 17th
All You Can Eat PizzaLe MeridienSaturdayFebruary 17th
SATURDAY ROASTBelgian Cafe YasSaturdayFebruary 17th
Happy HourSpaccanapoliSaturdayFebruary 17th
Winter PromotionHarvestersSaturdayFebruary 17th
Happy HourCho GaoSaturdayFebruary 17th
The Breakfast Club at BU! SaturdayFebruary 17th
Soleil VistaBarfly by Buddha BarSaturdayFebruary 17th
Daily happy hoursCooper'sSaturdayFebruary 17th
Cooper's Ladies Nights SaturdayFebruary 17th
Casino ChipsHeroesSaturdayFebruary 17th
'It's Never too Late' Happy HourBentleySaturdayFebruary 17th
Happy HourBentley KitchenSaturdayFebruary 17th
Urban SaturdaysCatchSaturdayFebruary 17th
Premier LeagueBlu SkySaturdayFebruary 17th
Saturday B.B.Q BrunchPJsSaturdayFebruary 17th
L’ APERICENASacciSaturdayFebruary 17th
Happy HourWavesSaturdayFebruary 17th
6 Nations Rugby Championship SaturdayFebruary 17th
Happy HourVelocitySaturdayFebruary 17th
Welcome 2 the WEEKEND!AloftSaturdayFebruary 17th
Chamas Evening Hour SaturdayFebruary 17th
Happy HourRay's BarSundayFebruary 18th
UNWIND HOURWestinSundayFebruary 18th
TRIPLE HAPPY HOURSBelgian Cafe YASSundayFebruary 18th
Ideal Hubbly Bubbly times by the pool SundayFebruary 18th
Teachers’ DiscountLe Meridien Abu DhabiSundayFebruary 18th
The Pub Experience SundayFebruary 18th
Brew of the WeekNRGSundayFebruary 18th
Happy HourCaptain’s ArmsSundayFebruary 18th
Brew of the WeekCaptain's ArmsSundayFebruary 18th
Happy HourNRGSundayFebruary 18th
Bites & PintsNRG Sports Bar (1)SundayFebruary 18th
Happy HourB loungeSundayFebruary 18th
Teachers' DiscountSheratonSundayFebruary 18th
Aperitivo SunsetsFILINISundayFebruary 18th
Happy HourCho GaoSundayFebruary 18th
HOSPITALITY NIGHTCrowne PlazaSundayFebruary 18th
Winter PromotionHarvestersSundayFebruary 18th
Happy HourSpaccanapoliSundayFebruary 18th
Sushi SocialBarfly by Buddha BarSundayFebruary 18th
Soleil VistaBarfly by Buddha BarSundayFebruary 18th
Casino ChipsHeroesSundayFebruary 18th
Sunday Supper ClubRay's BarSundayFebruary 18th
S.I.N INDUSTRY SUNDAYSBU!SundayFebruary 18th
Daily happy hoursCooper'sSundayFebruary 18th
Cooper's Ladies Nights SundayFebruary 18th
'It's Never too Late' Happy HourBentleySundayFebruary 18th
Happy HourBentley KitchenSundayFebruary 18th
SIN SundayCatchSundayFebruary 18th
Premier LeagueBlu SkySundayFebruary 18th
L’ APERICENASacciSundayFebruary 18th
Waves Special (1)SundayFebruary 18th
Happy HourWavesSundayFebruary 18th
6 Nations Rugby Championship SundayFebruary 18th
Happy HourVelocitySundayFebruary 18th
Generation XCho Gao Marina WalkSundayFebruary 18th
Happier SundaysBelgian CaféSundayFebruary 18th
Chamas Evening Hour SundayFebruary 18th
Happy HourRay's BarMondayFebruary 19th
Bellissima MondaysFiliniMondayFebruary 19th
Quiz NightBelgian Cafe Yas IslandMondayFebruary 19th
TRIPLE HAPPY HOURSBelgian Cafe YASMondayFebruary 19th
UNWIND HOURWestinMondayFebruary 19th
Ideal Hubbly Bubbly times by the pool MondayFebruary 19th
Teachers’ DiscountLe Meridien Abu DhabiMondayFebruary 19th
The Pub Experience MondayFebruary 19th
Happy HourCaptain’s ArmsMondayFebruary 19th
Brew of the WeekNRGMondayFebruary 19th
Brew of the WeekCaptain's ArmsMondayFebruary 19th
Happy HourNRGMondayFebruary 19th
Bites & PintsNRG Sports Bar (1)MondayFebruary 19th
Teachers' DiscountSheratonMondayFebruary 19th
Happy HourB loungeMondayFebruary 19th
Aperitivo SunsetsFILINIMondayFebruary 19th
Pub TriviaThe Sportsman’s ArmsMondayFebruary 19th
Heroes Quiz Challenge MondayFebruary 19th
Happy HourCho GaoMondayFebruary 19th
Happy HourSpaccanapoliMondayFebruary 19th
Winter PromotionHarvestersMondayFebruary 19th
Soleil VistaBarfly by Buddha BarMondayFebruary 19th
Casino ChipsHeroesMondayFebruary 19th
Barfly Crew Night MondayFebruary 19th
Cabin Crew NightMcGettigan’sMondayFebruary 19th
BUalicious Ladies NightBU! (1)MondayFebruary 19th
Velocity Grape Night MondayFebruary 19th
Cooper's Ladies Nights MondayFebruary 19th
Daily happy hoursCooper'sMondayFebruary 19th

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