Events in Abu Dhabi

The 505 ExperienceThe GrillSundayMay 28th
Sunday CarveryYas LinksSundayMay 28th
Sunday BBQ SpecialY BarSundayMay 28th
Sunday RoastAppaloosa BarSundayMay 28th
Promo HoursOrninaSundayMay 28th
Dino’s Weekend Brunch SundayMay 28th
Liquid LunchPJsSundayMay 28th
All You Can Eat Wingsc.mondoSundayMay 28th
Cooper's Happy Day Everyday SundayMay 28th
Market Kitchen Signatures SundayMay 28th
The Foundry Festa di Famiglia SundayMay 28th
Daily OffersThe Warehouse Wine BarSundayMay 28th
360 MenuStratosSundayMay 28th
Curry ClubAngarSundayMay 28th
Happy HourPJsSundayMay 28th
Arabian NightOrninaSundayMay 28th
Game OnGLOWSundayMay 28th
Happy HoursThe Warehouse Wine BarSundayMay 28th
The Family AffairsBelgian CaféSundayMay 28th
Birthday OfferPacifico TikiSundayMay 28th
Sip & SplashYas AcresSundayMay 28th
Golfer's LunchYas Links Abu DhabiSundayMay 28th
Sunday SessionsStars N BarsSundayMay 28th
The Perfect StartSorsoSundayMay 28th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The Warehouse Wine BarSundayMay 28th
Signature SundayUVASundayMay 28th
XY NightsY BarSundayMay 28th
Happy HourUp & BelowSundayMay 28th
Afternoon Tea with HubblyIshtarSundayMay 28th
Sunday RoastYas Acres Golf & Country ClubSundayMay 28th
Family BrunchYas LinksSundayMay 28th
Celebrate Your BirthdayThe Warehouse Wine BarSundayMay 28th
The Stills Stack SundayMay 28th
Themed Nights & Happy Hoursc.mondo bar at Centro Capital CenterSundayMay 28th
AperitivoYas Acres Golf & Country ClubSundayMay 28th
Happy HourVelocitySundayMay 28th
Belly Dance and DinnerIshtarSundayMay 28th
Weekend RoastStars N BarsSundayMay 28th
Tippling TeaStratosSundayMay 28th
Social HoursIshtarSundayMay 28th
Steak & Grape DegustationThe GrillSundayMay 28th
SundownersStratosSundayMay 28th
Play Indoor Golf With TrackmanBlu Sky Lounge & GrillSundayMay 28th
Hotelier’s NightCooper'sSundayMay 28th
Happy HourLi JiangSundayMay 28th
Sunday RoastOak RoomSundayMay 28th
Hospitality NightVelocitySundayMay 28th
Happy Hour at Relax12SundayMay 28th
Soak It UpWET DeckSundayMay 28th
The 8th HourW LoungeSundayMay 28th
Happy HourGLOWSundayMay 28th
All-You-Can-Eat Dim SumJing AsiaSundayMay 28th
Social HoursIshtarMondayMay 29th
The 505 ExperienceThe GrillMondayMay 29th
Sunset SessionsSiddharta LoungeMondayMay 29th
The Opening Scene Happy HourTeatro Park RotanaMondayMay 29th
Steak & Grape DegustationThe GrillMondayMay 29th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The Warehouse Wine BarMondayMay 29th
Daily OffersThe Warehouse Wine BarMondayMay 29th
Happy HourYas Links Golf ClubMondayMay 29th
XOXO Ladies Night 2.0Market KitchenMondayMay 29th
DaydreamWET DeckMondayMay 29th
Shisha Ladies NightOrninaMondayMay 29th
Game OnGLOWMondayMay 29th
SundownersStratosMondayMay 29th
Promo HoursOrninaMondayMay 29th
Market Kitchen Signatures MondayMay 29th
Liquid LunchPJsMondayMay 29th
Butcher’s BlockStratosMondayMay 29th
Wings & HopsHickory’s RestaurantMondayMay 29th
Happy HourPJsMondayMay 29th
Happy HourVelocityMondayMay 29th
Happy HourGLOWMondayMay 29th
Happy Hour Every HourAppaloosa BarMondayMay 29th
360 MenuStratosMondayMay 29th
The Perfect StartSorsoMondayMay 29th
Cooper's Happy Day Everyday MondayMay 29th
All You Can Eat Wingsc.mondoMondayMay 29th
The 8th HourW LoungeMondayMay 29th
Golfer's LunchYas Links Abu DhabiMondayMay 29th
The Stills Stack MondayMay 29th
Play Indoor Golf With TrackmanBlu Sky Lounge & GrillMondayMay 29th
Happy HoursThe Warehouse Wine BarMondayMay 29th
Happy HourThe Black RoomMondayMay 29th
Promo HoursPacifico TikiMondayMay 29th
Celebrate Your BirthdayThe Warehouse Wine BarMondayMay 29th
Ladies DayCafé del MarMondayMay 29th
All You Can Eat Sushic.mondoMondayMay 29th
Belly Dance and DinnerIshtarMondayMay 29th
AperitivoYas Acres Golf & Country ClubMondayMay 29th
Birthday OfferPacifico TikiMondayMay 29th
Happy HourLi JiangMondayMay 29th
Afternoon Tea with HubblyIshtarMondayMay 29th
Fiesta MondaysThe Warehouse Wine BarMondayMay 29th
Family BrunchYas LinksMondayMay 29th
Curry HurryZeeraMondayMay 29th
Sushi NightAquarium Yas MarinaMondayMay 29th
Cheeky Tiki Ladies NightPacifico TikiMondayMay 29th
Saadiyat SocialSaadiyat Beach Golf ClubMondayMay 29th
Happy HourUp & BelowMondayMay 29th
Happy Hour at Relax12MondayMay 29th
Themed Nights & Happy Hoursc.mondo bar at Centro Capital CenterMondayMay 29th
360 MenuStratosTuesdayMay 30th
All You Can Eat Sushic.mondoTuesdayMay 30th
Themed Nights & Happy Hoursc.mondo bar at Centro Capital CenterTuesdayMay 30th
Daily OffersThe Warehouse Wine BarTuesdayMay 30th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The Warehouse Wine BarTuesdayMay 30th
Happy HourGLOWTuesdayMay 30th
The 8th HourW LoungeTuesdayMay 30th
Wings & HopsHickory’s RestaurantTuesdayMay 30th
Lobster & KatsuSiddharta LoungeTuesdayMay 30th
Afternoon Tea with HubblyIshtarTuesdayMay 30th
Family BrunchYas LinksTuesdayMay 30th
Social HoursIshtarTuesdayMay 30th
Cooper's Happy Day Everyday TuesdayMay 30th
Golfer's LunchYas Links Abu DhabiTuesdayMay 30th
The Opening Scene Happy HourTeatro Park RotanaTuesdayMay 30th
Happy HourYas Links Golf ClubTuesdayMay 30th
Birthday OfferPacifico TikiTuesdayMay 30th
Hytes Tropical Tuesdays TuesdayMay 30th
Play Indoor Golf With TrackmanBlu Sky Lounge & GrillTuesdayMay 30th
Curry HurryZeeraTuesdayMay 30th
SundownersStratosTuesdayMay 30th
The Perfect StartSorsoTuesdayMay 30th
DaydreamWET DeckTuesdayMay 30th
Sushi & Sake NightsLi JiangTuesdayMay 30th
Belly Dance and DinnerIshtarTuesdayMay 30th
Promo HoursPacifico TikiTuesdayMay 30th
Promo HoursOrninaTuesdayMay 30th
Ladies NightIshtarTuesdayMay 30th
Sunset SessionsSiddharta LoungeTuesdayMay 30th
Happy Hour at Relax12TuesdayMay 30th
Tex-Mex TuesdaysStars N BarsTuesdayMay 30th
Vamos Por TacosHickory'sTuesdayMay 30th
Rosé All DayCafé del MarTuesdayMay 30th
AperitivoYas Acres Golf & Country ClubTuesdayMay 30th
Taco TuesdayYas Acres Golf & Country ClubTuesdayMay 30th
Celebrate Your BirthdayThe Warehouse Wine BarTuesdayMay 30th
The 505 ExperienceThe GrillTuesdayMay 30th
Steak & Grape DegustationThe GrillTuesdayMay 30th
Saadiyat SocialSaadiyat Beach Golf ClubTuesdayMay 30th
Market Kitchen Signatures TuesdayMay 30th
Happy HourPJsTuesdayMay 30th
BellissimaFilini GardenTuesdayMay 30th
Kiss N' TellStratosTuesdayMay 30th
Liquid LunchPJsTuesdayMay 30th
Happy HoursThe Warehouse Wine BarTuesdayMay 30th
Happy HourVelocityTuesdayMay 30th
Happy HourUp & BelowTuesdayMay 30th
The Stills Stack TuesdayMay 30th
All You Can Eat Wingsc.mondoTuesdayMay 30th
2-4-1 Tacos TuesdayAmerigosTuesdayMay 30th
Game OnGLOWTuesdayMay 30th
Happy HourLi JiangTuesdayMay 30th
Limón Y SalW LoungeWednesdayMay 31st
Paella Night & Ladies NightAquariumWednesdayMay 31st
Family BrunchYas LinksWednesdayMay 31st
Golfer's LunchYas Links Abu DhabiWednesdayMay 31st
Wings & HopsHickory’s RestaurantWednesdayMay 31st
Sunset SessionsSiddharta LoungeWednesdayMay 31st
Ladies NightThe Warehouse Wine BarWednesdayMay 31st
Ladies NightOrninaWednesdayMay 31st
The Opening Scene Happy HourTeatro Park RotanaWednesdayMay 31st
Cheese & WineThe FoundryWednesdayMay 31st
Social HoursIshtarWednesdayMay 31st
Ladies & Gents NightSorsoWednesdayMay 31st
The Perfect StartSorsoWednesdayMay 31st
Steak and ShrimpPacifico TikiWednesdayMay 31st
Happy Hour at Relax12WednesdayMay 31st
Belly Dance and DinnerIshtarWednesdayMay 31st
Promo HoursPacifico TikiWednesdayMay 31st
Afternoon Tea with HubblyIshtarWednesdayMay 31st
Promo HoursOrninaWednesdayMay 31st
Birthday OfferPacifico TikiWednesdayMay 31st
Arabian NightOrninaWednesdayMay 31st
Shisha Ladies NightBushraWednesdayMay 31st
Happy HourYas Links Golf ClubWednesdayMay 31st
Curry HurryZeeraWednesdayMay 31st
Negroni NightThe Black RoomWednesdayMay 31st
Saadiyat SocialSaadiyat Beach Golf ClubWednesdayMay 31st
Champions WednesdayAppaloosa BarWednesdayMay 31st
AperitivoYas Acres Golf & Country ClubWednesdayMay 31st
Ladies NightAcres Grill HouseWednesdayMay 31st
Themed Nights & Happy Hoursc.mondo bar at Centro Capital CenterWednesdayMay 31st
Celebrate Your BirthdayThe Warehouse Wine BarWednesdayMay 31st
SundownersStratosWednesdayMay 31st
Curry WednesdaysYas LinksWednesdayMay 31st
Happy HoursThe Warehouse Wine BarWednesdayMay 31st
Happy HourGLOWWednesdayMay 31st
Gentlemen's NightStratosWednesdayMay 31st
Open MicBrick Rooftop Kitchen & BarWednesdayMay 31st
The 505 ExperienceThe GrillWednesdayMay 31st
The Stills Stack WednesdayMay 31st
Liquid LunchPJsWednesdayMay 31st
360 MenuStratosWednesdayMay 31st
Winesday WednesdayUVAWednesdayMay 31st
Happy HoursUVAWednesdayMay 31st
Happy HourVelocityWednesdayMay 31st
Daily OffersThe Warehouse Wine BarWednesdayMay 31st
Market Kitchen Signatures WednesdayMay 31st
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The Warehouse Wine BarWednesdayMay 31st
Game OnGLOWWednesdayMay 31st
Happy HourPJsWednesdayMay 31st
Steak & Grape DegustationThe GrillWednesdayMay 31st
All You Can Eat Wingsc.mondoWednesdayMay 31st
Cooper's Happy Day Everyday WednesdayMay 31st
The 8th HourW LoungeWednesdayMay 31st
Play Indoor Golf With TrackmanBlu Sky Lounge & GrillWednesdayMay 31st
DaydreamWET DeckWednesdayMay 31st
Happy HourLi JiangWednesdayMay 31st
Quiz NightBlu Sky Lounge & GrillWednesdayMay 31st
Happy HourUp & BelowWednesdayMay 31st
Birthday OfferPacifico TikiFridayJune 2nd
Ladies & Gents NightSorsoFridayJune 2nd
The Perfect StartSorsoFridayJune 2nd
Lobster NightLi JiangFridayJune 2nd
Family BrunchYas LinksFridayJune 2nd
Sipz & GlamW LoungeFridayJune 2nd
Curry HurryZeeraFridayJune 2nd
Lively AtmosphereThe Warehouse Wine BarFridayJune 2nd
Promo HoursOrninaFridayJune 2nd
Happy HourYas Links Golf ClubFridayJune 2nd
Belly Dance and DinnerIshtarFridayJune 2nd
Social HoursIshtarFridayJune 2nd
The Opening Scene Happy HourTeatro Park RotanaFridayJune 2nd
Promo HoursPacifico TikiFridayJune 2nd
Arabian NightOrninaFridayJune 2nd
Cheese & WineThe FoundryFridayJune 2nd
Dino’s Weekend Brunch FridayJune 2nd
Fish & Chips & PintYas Acres Golf & Country ClubFridayJune 2nd
Wings & HopsHickory’s RestaurantFridayJune 2nd
Whiskey FlightsThe Black RoomFridayJune 2nd
Golfer's LunchYas Links Abu DhabiFridayJune 2nd
Filini Supper Club - Evening Brunch FridayJune 2nd
Mercadito - Evening BrunchAmerigosFridayJune 2nd
Stills Spice & Gossip Nights FridayJune 2nd
Ratpack SupperclubStratosFridayJune 2nd
The 505 ExperienceThe GrillFridayJune 2nd
Thank PJ, It’s Friday! FridayJune 2nd
AperitivoYas Acres Golf & Country ClubFridayJune 2nd
The Stills Stack FridayJune 2nd
Flavours of Rangoli FridayJune 2nd
Steak & Grape DegustationThe GrillFridayJune 2nd
Celebrate Your BirthdayThe Warehouse Wine BarFridayJune 2nd
Writer's BlockLibrary BarFridayJune 2nd
DeVINE Table BrunchMarket KitchenFridayJune 2nd
Teachers TimeAppaloosa BarFridayJune 2nd
Frenzied FridaysVelocityFridayJune 2nd
360 MenuStratosFridayJune 2nd
SundownersStratosFridayJune 2nd

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