Events in Abu Dhabi

Belly Dance and DinnerIshtarWednesdayOctober 4th
Rugby World Cup 2023Appaloosa Sports BarWednesdayOctober 4th
Steak & Grape DegustationThe GrillWednesdayOctober 4th
Curry HurryZeeraWednesdayOctober 4th
Ladies NightOrninaWednesdayOctober 4th
Ladies NightCuvee BarWednesdayOctober 4th
Sushi SocialSiddharta By Buddha BarWednesdayOctober 4th
Gentlemen's NightStratosWednesdayOctober 4th
Live MusicMcCafferty’s Irish PubWednesdayOctober 4th
Pool & Beach AccessSheratonWednesdayOctober 4th
Happy HourEscapeWednesdayOctober 4th
Happy HoursPaco'sWednesdayOctober 4th
Paco's Special Meal Offer WednesdayOctober 4th
Traditional Irish NightMcCafferty’s Irish PubWednesdayOctober 4th
Beer BucketClub HouseWednesdayOctober 4th
LayaliBushraWednesdayOctober 4th
Game OnGLOWWednesdayOctober 4th
Hops BucketEscapeWednesdayOctober 4th
Birthday OfferPacifico TikiWednesdayOctober 4th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The Warehouse Wine BarWednesdayOctober 4th
Happy HourCooper'sWednesdayOctober 4th
Porters English Pub Scores Big with Spectacular Rugby World Cup Offers WednesdayOctober 4th
Overlook Hour WednesdayOctober 4th
ShooterB LoungeWednesdayOctober 4th
Winesday WednesdayUVAWednesdayOctober 4th
Liquid LunchPJsWednesdayOctober 4th
The 505 ExperienceThe GrillWednesdayOctober 4th
Arabian NightsOrninaWednesdayOctober 4th
Promo HoursPacifico TikiWednesdayOctober 4th
Rugby World Cup 2023Saadiyat Beach Golf ClubWednesdayOctober 4th
Social HoursIshtarWednesdayOctober 4th
Sunset SessionsSiddharta LoungeWednesdayOctober 4th
Slider DealHemingway'sWednesdayOctober 4th
Promo HoursOrninaWednesdayOctober 4th
Afternoon Tea with HubblyIshtarWednesdayOctober 4th
Ladies NightThe Warehouse Wine BarWednesdayOctober 4th
All-Day Happy HourCuvee BarWednesdayOctober 4th
Rugby World Cup 2023Hickory’s RestaurantWednesdayOctober 4th
360 MenuStratosWednesdayOctober 4th
Rugby World Cup 2023Roots Bar & KitchenWednesdayOctober 4th
Smashing SpecialsThe Warehouse Wine BarWednesdayOctober 4th
Champions WednesdayAppaloosa BarWednesdayOctober 4th
SundownersStratosWednesdayOctober 4th
Rugby World Cup 2023Glow Poolside Sports BarWednesdayOctober 4th
PJ's Rugby Party WednesdayOctober 4th
Happy HoursMcCafferty’s Irish PubWednesdayOctober 4th
Happy HourVertigoWednesdayOctober 4th
Abu Dhabi Golf Club Presents Oktoberfest CelebrationThe TrackMan RangeWednesdayOctober 4th
Big BrewTavernWednesdayOctober 4th
Pizza & PintMeridien PlazaWednesdayOctober 4th
Happy HourPJsWednesdayOctober 4th
Teachers NightThe Warehouse Wine BarWednesdayOctober 4th
Meridien Plaza Happy Hour WednesdayOctober 4th
Tomahawk and WineTeatroWednesdayOctober 4th
Happy HourPeach GardenWednesdayOctober 4th
Afternoon TeaMajlis Lobby LoungeWednesdayOctober 4th
Villa & Cabana ExperienceCafé del MarWednesdayOctober 4th
Happy HoursUVAWednesdayOctober 4th
Steak and ShrimpPacifico TikiWednesdayOctober 4th
Beer BucketClub HouseThursdayOctober 5th
Happy HoursMcCafferty’s Irish PubThursdayOctober 5th
Big BrewTavernThursdayOctober 5th
Happy HourPeach GardenThursdayOctober 5th
Ladies NightPaco'sThursdayOctober 5th
Pool & Beach AccessSheratonThursdayOctober 5th
Live MusicMcCafferty’s Irish PubThursdayOctober 5th
Slider DealHemingway'sThursdayOctober 5th
Tomahawk and WineTeatroThursdayOctober 5th
Pizza & PintMeridien PlazaThursdayOctober 5th
Ladies NightThe OverlookThursdayOctober 5th
Birthday OfferPacifico TikiThursdayOctober 5th
ShooterB LoungeThursdayOctober 5th
Happy HourVertigoThursdayOctober 5th
SundownersSheraton Abu DhabiThursdayOctober 5th
Shisha Ladies NightIshtarThursdayOctober 5th
Paco's Special Meal Offer ThursdayOctober 5th
Hola CubaPacifico TikiThursdayOctober 5th
Live Music by Once Duo BandHemingway'sThursdayOctober 5th
Promo HoursPacifico TikiThursdayOctober 5th
Happy HourEscapeThursdayOctober 5th
Overlook Hour ThursdayOctober 5th
The 505 ExperienceThe GrillThursdayOctober 5th
Smashing SpecialsThe Warehouse Wine BarThursdayOctober 5th
Rugby World Cup 2023Appaloosa Sports BarThursdayOctober 5th
Moroccan NightBushraThursdayOctober 5th
Teachers NightThe Warehouse Wine BarThursdayOctober 5th
Tapas ThursdayWarehouse Wine BarThursdayOctober 5th
Social HoursIshtarThursdayOctober 5th
Liquid LunchPJsThursdayOctober 5th
Steak & Grape DegustationThe GrillThursdayOctober 5th
PJ's Rugby Party ThursdayOctober 5th
SundownersStratosThursdayOctober 5th
Rugby World Cup 2023Saadiyat Beach Golf ClubThursdayOctober 5th
UncorkedStratosThursdayOctober 5th
Tippling TeaStratosThursdayOctober 5th
Villa & Cabana ExperienceCafé del MarThursdayOctober 5th
Happy HourPJsThursdayOctober 5th
Live Entertainment Thursdays to SaturdaysThe Warehouse Wine BarThursdayOctober 5th
Belly Dance and DinnerIshtarThursdayOctober 5th
Sunset SessionsSiddharta LoungeThursdayOctober 5th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The Warehouse Wine BarThursdayOctober 5th
Afternoon TeaMajlis Lobby LoungeThursdayOctober 5th
Happy HoursUVAThursdayOctober 5th
Rugby World Cup 2023Hickory’s RestaurantThursdayOctober 5th
Game OnGLOWThursdayOctober 5th
La Loca Pool Party feat Dany NevilleSaadiyat Beach ClubThursdayOctober 5th
Ladies NightSiddharta LoungeThursdayOctober 5th
Promo HoursOrninaThursdayOctober 5th
360 MenuStratosThursdayOctober 5th
Go-SSipUVAThursdayOctober 5th
Absolutely Fabulous Ladies NightsHemingway'sThursdayOctober 5th
Rugby World Cup 2023Roots Bar & KitchenThursdayOctober 5th
Arabian NightsOrninaThursdayOctober 5th
Shamrock Ladies NightPJsThursdayOctober 5th
Thirsty ThursdayCooper'sThursdayOctober 5th
Curry HurryZeeraThursdayOctober 5th
All-Day Happy HourCuvee BarThursdayOctober 5th
Abu Dhabi Golf Club Presents Oktoberfest CelebrationThe TrackMan RangeThursdayOctober 5th
Thirsty ThursdaysMcCafferty’s Irish PubThursdayOctober 5th
Rugby World Cup 2023Glow Poolside Sports BarThursdayOctober 5th
Porters English Pub Scores Big with Spectacular Rugby World Cup Offers ThursdayOctober 5th
Meridien Plaza Happy Hour ThursdayOctober 5th
Happy HourCooper'sThursdayOctober 5th
Happy HoursPaco'sThursdayOctober 5th
Hops BucketEscapeThursdayOctober 5th
Chipper BrunchMcCafferty’s Irish PubFridayOctober 6th
Tomahawk and WineTeatroFridayOctober 6th
Slider DealHemingway'sFridayOctober 6th
Beer BucketClub HouseFridayOctober 6th
Curry HurryZeeraFridayOctober 6th
Live Music by Once Duo BandHemingway'sFridayOctober 6th
Happy HoursPaco'sFridayOctober 6th
Promo HoursPacifico TikiFridayOctober 6th
Social HoursIshtarFridayOctober 6th
Pool & Beach AccessSheratonFridayOctober 6th
Indian & Arabic Themed NightFlavoursFridayOctober 6th
Overlook Hour FridayOctober 6th
SundownersSheraton Abu DhabiFridayOctober 6th
Hops BucketEscapeFridayOctober 6th
Happy HourPeach GardenFridayOctober 6th
Live MusicMcCafferty’s Irish PubFridayOctober 6th
Thank PJ, It’s Friday! FridayOctober 6th
Promo HoursOrninaFridayOctober 6th
AperitivoUVAFridayOctober 6th
Live Entertainment Thursdays to SaturdaysThe Warehouse Wine BarFridayOctober 6th
Ratpack SupperclubStratosFridayOctober 6th
360 MenuStratosFridayOctober 6th
Happy HourPJsFridayOctober 6th
Liquid LunchPJsFridayOctober 6th
Teachers TimeAppaloosa BarFridayOctober 6th
Rugby World Cup 2023Saadiyat Beach Golf ClubFridayOctober 6th
Tippling TeaStratosFridayOctober 6th
Arabian NightsOrninaFridayOctober 6th
Game OnGLOWFridayOctober 6th
Rugby World Cup 2023Appaloosa Sports BarFridayOctober 6th
DeVINE Table BrunchMarket KitchenFridayOctober 6th
Rugby World Cup 2023Hickory’s RestaurantFridayOctober 6th
SundownersStratosFridayOctober 6th
All-Day Happy HourCuvee BarFridayOctober 6th
Rugby World Cup 2023Roots Bar & KitchenFridayOctober 6th
Happy HoursUVAFridayOctober 6th
Karaoke NightAppaloosaFridayOctober 6th
Happy HourCooper'sFridayOctober 6th
Smashing SpecialsThe Warehouse Wine BarFridayOctober 6th
Seafood Night BrunchKhayalFridayOctober 6th
Afternoon TeaMajlis Lobby LoungeFridayOctober 6th
PJ's Rugby Party FridayOctober 6th
Porters English Pub Scores Big with Spectacular Rugby World Cup Offers FridayOctober 6th
The 505 ExperienceThe GrillFridayOctober 6th
Steak & Grape DegustationThe GrillFridayOctober 6th
Mid-Autumn FestivalDai Pai DongFridayOctober 6th
Rugby World Cup 2023Glow Poolside Sports BarFridayOctober 6th
Teachers NightThe Warehouse Wine BarFridayOctober 6th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The Warehouse Wine BarFridayOctober 6th
Abu Dhabi Golf Club Presents Oktoberfest CelebrationThe TrackMan RangeFridayOctober 6th
Ibiza Anthems UV Paint Pool PartyYas BeachFridayOctober 6th
Happy HourVertigoFridayOctober 6th
Birthday OfferPacifico TikiFridayOctober 6th
Meridien Plaza Happy Hour FridayOctober 6th
Happy HoursMcCafferty’s Irish PubFridayOctober 6th
Belly Dance and DinnerIshtarFridayOctober 6th
Meridien Plaza Happy Hour SaturdayOctober 7th
Happy HourPeach GardenSaturdayOctober 7th
Flavours Sea & Meat Night SaturdayOctober 7th
The Project BrunchThe Terrace on the CornicheSaturdayOctober 7th
Saturday BrunchMcCafferty’s Irish PubSaturdayOctober 7th
Live MusicMcCafferty’s Irish PubSaturdayOctober 7th
Hops BucketEscapeSaturdayOctober 7th
Tomahawk and WineTeatroSaturdayOctober 7th
Pool & Beach AccessSheratonSaturdayOctober 7th
Slider DealHemingway'sSaturdayOctober 7th
Beer BucketClub HouseSaturdayOctober 7th
Happy HoursPaco'sSaturdayOctober 7th
Saturday After Brunch PartyMcCafferty’s Irish PubSaturdayOctober 7th
All-Day Happy HourCuvee BarSaturdayOctober 7th
Happy HourVertigoSaturdayOctober 7th
Overlook Hour SaturdayOctober 7th
Happy HoursMcCafferty’s Irish PubSaturdayOctober 7th
Live Music by Once Duo BandHemingway'sSaturdayOctober 7th
Little TuscanyMeridien PlazaSaturdayOctober 7th
Birthday OfferPacifico TikiSaturdayOctober 7th
Social HoursIshtarSaturdayOctober 7th
SundownersSheraton Abu DhabiSaturdayOctober 7th
Smashing SpecialsThe Warehouse Wine BarSaturdayOctober 7th
Fado E AmigosWarehouse Wine & Tapas BarSaturdayOctober 7th
Afternoon TeaMajlis Lobby LoungeSaturdayOctober 7th
Rugby World Cup 2023Glow Poolside Sports BarSaturdayOctober 7th
Game OnGLOWSaturdayOctober 7th
Night BrunchSiddharta LoungeSaturdayOctober 7th
DeVINE Table BrunchMarket KitchenSaturdayOctober 7th
Royal BrunchMezzeSaturdayOctober 7th
Porters English Pub Scores Big with Spectacular Rugby World Cup Offers SaturdayOctober 7th
The 505 ExperienceThe GrillSaturdayOctober 7th
Tippling TeaStratosSaturdayOctober 7th
PJ's Rugby Party SaturdayOctober 7th
Arabian NightsOrninaSaturdayOctober 7th
Rugby World Cup 2023Hickory’s RestaurantSaturdayOctober 7th
Happy HourPJsSaturdayOctober 7th
Saturday Brunch LiveCooper'sSaturdayOctober 7th
Cheese and Wine - Wine not ?The Warehouse Wine BarSaturdayOctober 7th
Rugby World Cup 2023Appaloosa Sports BarSaturdayOctober 7th
Teachers NightThe Warehouse Wine BarSaturdayOctober 7th
Family Sharing Style BrunchSaadiyat Beach ClubSaturdayOctober 7th
Steak & Grape DegustationThe GrillSaturdayOctober 7th
360 MenuStratosSaturdayOctober 7th
Live Entertainment Thursdays to SaturdaysThe Warehouse Wine BarSaturdayOctober 7th
Saturday Brunch by the poolCafé del MarSaturdayOctober 7th
La Luna Evening BrunchUVASaturdayOctober 7th
Happy HourCooper'sSaturdayOctober 7th
Saturday SundownerAppaloosa BarSaturdayOctober 7th
Rugby World Cup 2023Roots Bar & KitchenSaturdayOctober 7th
Rugby World Cup 2023Saadiyat Beach Golf ClubSaturdayOctober 7th
SundownersStratosSaturdayOctober 7th
Belly Dance and DinnerIshtarSaturdayOctober 7th
Abu Dhabi Golf Club Presents Oktoberfest CelebrationThe TrackMan RangeSaturdayOctober 7th
Tomahawk and WineTeatroSundayOctober 8th
Happy HoursPaco'sSundayOctober 8th
Ladies NightPeach GardenSundayOctober 8th
Overlook Hour SundayOctober 8th
Sushi Bubbly SundayTeatroSundayOctober 8th
All-Day Happy HourCuvee BarSundayOctober 8th
Big Sunday BBQ Brunch by the PoolCafé del MarSundayOctober 8th
Sunday CarveryMcCafferty’s Irish PubSundayOctober 8th
Social HoursIshtarSundayOctober 8th
Birthday OfferPacifico TikiSundayOctober 8th
360 MenuStratosSundayOctober 8th
PJ's Rugby Party SundayOctober 8th
Teachers NightThe Warehouse Wine BarSundayOctober 8th
Rugby World Cup 2023Appaloosa Sports BarSundayOctober 8th
SundownersStratosSundayOctober 8th

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